Zoe + SamFintry + isle of skye, Scotland

Ive got to warn you, this is probably my longest wedding blog post ever. I have been putting it off. Not because I wasn’t excited to share. I just knew what a beast it would be to TRY and cut it down for the blog. I failed, but my hearts happy. I hope it brings you some joy as well.

Maybe it was the fact two of my dearest friends got married. Maybe its because the perfect down pour, making every step unforgettably wet. Or was it due to all the guest clapping and cheering while zoe walked down the isle to her husband. No No, it must have been the brides boys with a bouquet of flowers or the fact zoe sloshed through the mud without a thought of her dress. oh no,  it was me crying behind my lens watching Zoes daughter, Nieve.

Sam is so lucky to love Zoe and Nieve.

Zoe and Nieve are lucky to love Sam.

The day overall was one of my favorites because these two are so perfect together annnnd let me just add, Scotts know how to party.  When Zoe { who is a talented photographer } messaged me with a video of her daughter asking if I could shoot ” mummy and Sams wedding ” my heart melted into a puddle of joy. I am so grateful I was apart of this day. Two special souls who will always chase rainbows.



Venue : ||| couples garden + menzies hall ||| Dress : Flossy and Dossy  ||| Coffee Bar : Something brewed |||  Dome : Atlas dome ||| Florals : wild flower workshop||| Make up : Cat Robertson ||| Hair : Pin up hair glasgow |||  Band : Nick bruce and his blinding lights  ||| Bar : Scottish gantry||| Cake : big bear bakery ||| Catering : Bespoke |||

  • I see me! Awhhhh, so many memories from such a gorgeous day. The images are of course incredible. What a wedding! Can we do it all again please?

  • Catherine said:

    Pretty damn awesome! X