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Hey friends,

So I have received a lot of messages about upcoming workshops and mentoring. I apologize I haven’t had time to reply to each and everyone but wanted to let you know YES!!! I plan to host another workshop early 2014 and will have dates and timelines ready for you all before christmas. (just think… santa can get you a seat for christmas) My minds whirling with options and Id love to hear YOUR thoughts on what you hope to gain from the mentoring. I have loved the format I have done in the past but, the idea of renting a cabin and being tucked away in the hills is calling to me. Natural light, emotion based images, post production and a escape from the day to day all in one workshop. I like!

 hello retreat?




  • Chrissy said:

    Oh my word I want to go. Will you be giving away a seat like last time? {it was last time you did that, wasn't it?}

    Can't wait to hear the details. Sounds so amazing!

  • I am friends with Jillian, she introduced me to your photography and I am a huge, huge fan! I am flying out to Utah January 15-27th and I would love the opportunity to have a mentor session or attend a workshop!!

  • Jen Johnson said:

    How do I reserve a spot??? This sounds amazing

  • amanda said:

    i would be interested! i would LOVE the chance to shadow/see your process of how you interact with clients. i have lots of little questions i always wonder but they are things that would be answered by shadowing someone of your amazingness for a day:) oh, and a cabin sounds amazing!

  • Oh my heart is pounding with excitement, and you better believe I am saving my pennies! ( unfortunately Santa Just bought me something pretty fancy) a retreat would be so fun!!! Yes!!! Would looove to see ways you draw so much raw emotion from your clients, how you find inspiration, and how you get such amazing and dratic color and light in your photos!! Ok I could go on! Crossing my fingers it's a date I can attend!!!! I think I might be more excited about this than Christmas! ;)

  • I wish I could participate! I live in NC and can't come. have you ever thought about teaching an online class?

  • Elyse said:

    Yes!! Please do this soon!!!! I'm excited!!

  • Aminda said:

    A tucked away cabin sounds AMAZING. I'd love details when you have them!! <3

  • A million times yes to a cabin retreat.
    I'm still kicking myself for not going last time.
    can't waiiiiittt.

  • Jillian goulding said:

    Please please please have it during spring break!!!!!!!!!! Or a 3 day weekend type thing! I'm there for sure!!!

  • Out of all the people who hold retreats; yours would be one I would be absolutely smitten to attend. I am looking forward to what you have planned and seeing how I can work that out. Keep up the amazing work. It just keeps getting more amazing by the post!

  • LUNA said:

    I'm Luna, a cat and I live in Belgium! My mammy and I are HUGE fans of your ARTWORK. This will be a wonderful event and we wish you lots of success!
    purrs, lights and love

  • And I would love to gain technical knowledge over-all. I just love how perfectly exposed all of your photos are! A stylized shoot at both an indoor and outdoor location would be awesome.

  • Brennan said:

    Oh goodness I want to go SO SO SO bad!!!!!! :) When will the dates be up?

  • Emily Peterson said:

    YESSS!!!! count me in.

  • gina said:

    Would LOVE to attend one of your workshops!!!!

  • Molly said:

    Any new updates on this?! Did I miss it? Would LOVE to attend!

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