Whit and Colby : A very non wedding


a very non wedding. from christopher robert on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Christopher robert films for the amazing video. We always have a blast working together.

Also a HUGE thanks to the talent Kim at petal pixie for the beautiful flowers

  • Lindsay T. said:

    This is so fabulous Brooke!!! I love it! The video was amazing as well!

  • evelyn said:

    love it! this was beautiful and so artistic and real, is the rock place at the antelope island? I think I just did my bridals there :)

  • Kara May said:

    Wow, wow, wow. I never knew I could be in love with images...know I know I can be. I'm utterly smitten with these. Freaking amazing woman!!!!

  • Well done Brooke... wish I was an attendee. And Chris? My favorite, by far from you.

  • Liane said:

    I am so obsessed with this blog post. I want to know them, I want to meet them, hell I want to BE them. These photos capture every moment so well, there is an honesty and realness about them. The video captured the only thing the photos cannot, the actual movements of the people themselves. All in all, very well done.

  • Love it B! Sooo good. I love how you're going after your ideal client instead of waiting for them to come to you, get, get get it girl! ;)

  • Katie said:

    Couldn't be more amazing...I am in love with and inspired by every shot. What a privilege to shoot such beautiful people. Incredible capture!!! :)

  • Ashley Beyer said:

    Amazing blog comeback post! That video is incredible too.

  • maggy said:

    A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!! :0

  • darla said:

    Brooke! These are crazy. good. crazy good! I was in awe and could not take my eyes off the screen til I was done. Hmmm....I have to go look again.

  • Eunice said:

    Absolutely awesome!! Some of the shots are especially artistics!!

  • And exhale. I literally held my breath during the whole of this blog post. Mind blowingly amazing. Thank you for sharing, incredible. A whole shed load of very non-wedding congratulations to the couple too! :O)

  • Destiny said:

    Love these images! You can feel the passion and love radiating off the couple! Great job!

  • Claire said:

    This non-wedding is one of the more amazing things I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of awesome stuff out there. So inspiring and original and engaging and beautiful. You had some top-notch clients to play with but you were able to capture them exactly the best way. Wow. You should be super proud.

  • Oh My.... quite possibly the best 'wedding' photographs I've ever seen. My breath leaves me..

  • im literally dying, this is maybe the most amazing wedding ie EVER seen... and as an alternative wedding blogger i see a LOT of weddings!

  • ps i keep coming back to your page to look at it again. i cant stop... SO FRIGGIN' AMAZING

  • Camie said:

    You are my new favorite!

  • sheri said:

    having had some similarity, minus the fab photografer, true bliss exists and remains 20 years forth!!!!!

  • makes me want to go have sex. right now. What an incredible couple and incredible vision Brooke. raising the bar.

  • Amy Dana said:

    Brooke....you are a GENIUS! Such creative talent.

  • Cindy said:

    Beautiful photos! I squealed (out loud) when I saw this and feel all warm and fuzzy inside now! Having a big wedding-y wedding... but if your in London fall 2013...

  • Angel alonZo said:

    How to I get in contact with either of you!? My little sister( not so little anymore!) is gettin hitched next summer, on the santa monica pier... Uts gona be super chill, we want it to be a day at the beach with family...I'm paying for her photography and cinematography as well, please email me

  • Absolutely incredible images - feel like I know the couple from the images and can feel their love. Love all the images!

  • The photos, the videos, the couple, everything is just so raw, beautiful, inspiring, and absolutely amazing. Great job, you are a magical team of artists!

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  • sara said:

    I'm in love... everything about this is gorgeous

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  • rollee said:

    These photos are freakin awesome! Better than most editorial I have seen.
    I agree mind blowing good.
    The mood is captured perfectly. Everything is just right, technicality, style, lighting, ambiance, processing. I cannot find a thing to dislike. Well done.

  • Holy moly, gorgeousness. Surreal. Alternative. Beauty. A couple truly in love. DANG.

  • Marie said:

    Un état d'esprit absolument terrible
    Un couple absolument amoureux
    Des images absolument superbe
    Un "non wedding" absolument stupéfiant

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  • Shannon said:

    Beautiful. Love every bit of it!
    And the video is fabulous!

  • ariana said:

    Thank you for sharing! They look so free and happy! Simply beautiful!

  • Kayla said:

    this is so amazing. the film and the couple really made me feel.

  • Briana said:

    Wow. Just, wow. They have a such and intense love and you captured it so well. I'm in awe.

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  • So this is exactly what my fiance and i want to do with our wedding..... we are doing a getaway wedding and have been in talks to make it a documentary on the new way of getting married.... bringing it back to basics. are you available for hire? is there any way to contact you? Would love to ask a few questions. ps this piece was amazing and inspiring!
    Thank you,
    Cassidy Boyle at Cassboyle9@gmail.com or facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/cassidy.boyle.16?ref=tn_tnmn

  • Jadea Rudolph said:

    I have never cried so hard while looking at a blog post. This is so beautiful on all ends! The concept, the people, the photography, the pure LOVE.

  • Beautiful captivating images pure love and happiness wonderful diverse photography something that is very close to my heart to ,a non wedding full of art and expression just the way it should be .love it

  • Daphnée said:


  • Sonia said:

    WoW! This is so beautiful and different. Such an inspiration!

  • asp said:

    I´m afraid someone might have turned this amazing images into a videoclip...

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  • Really?! This is just plain awesome. The raw emotion and carefree nature of the day, would kill to shoot a wedding like this.

  • Nikki said:

    Looks like a beautiful wedding to me. :) The photography is amazing, too.

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  • kahli m said:

    This just brought so many tears to my eyes. it makes you wonder if you will ever find a love like that.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    The film and photography is so eclectic, love this type of work.

    Keep on keepiong on xo

  • Izabela said:

    everything here form A to Z .. from head to toe .. is amazing, beautifull. I just can't find proper words...

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  • wooow this couple look amazing and i will love to make a phootshoot with you in Montreal one day.