The Richardson family

Enjoy a peek at one of my best of friends and her little family.

Shes a beauty if I do say so myself.


  • Drew W said:

    You do the best family portraits ever! Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow. Just amazing. The photograph is just perfection paired with an incredible location, fantastic styling and a beautiful family. Love love love her skirt!! So amazing.

  • Brooke said:

    Pretty sure these are ridiculously amazing and I'm all up and jealous of her outfit, location, lipstick and his MUSTACHE is amazing! Positively scrumptious!

  • Romain said:

    It's a really nice session, place couple chooses is amazing...
    Congrats! :)

  • love it all. pulled it off like always, but of course Ciara's style is killer as well.
    Stache killed it.

  • Jess said:

    the last photo. i could die happy after seeing that.

  • Judith said:

    Stunning!! I love all images. Gorgeous family!!

  • I am floored! feels like I am stepping into Pioneer times, this woman in green skirt oh how glorious! I could only dream of creating something like this. is going to stay with me all day today.

  • TC said:

    These are amazing. Is there any chance you could divulge where the lady bought her green skirt. I would really really really appreciate it! :)

  • Anna said:

    I really really really want to know where the lady bought her green skirt too! Please tell us :)

  • Brooke said:

    Anna and TC are you ready for your hearts to be broken a little??? she made it :( ... yes she is cool like that.... lol

  • Amy said:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! Can't get enough!!! :)

  • Hi! Heard about ur site from my uncle! U are very good! I just am trying to start my photography business but I don't think I have half the talent as you!

  • Mia said:

    Do I dare ask where these were taken? Such a beautiful location!

    • Mia said:

      it looks like tibble fork, but just wanted to check