The Read family

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Combined some adorable children

a set of good looking parents

a couple chickens and family pets

 a dedication to homeschooling…

and you’ll get one adorable story of home and love.



  • Aria said:

    These are breathtaking, Brooke!

  • The chicken hand-off shot between mother and daughter is perfection.... love all these.

  • I love these, Brooke. I especially love the darker photos where there's just a little bit of window light. You capture those moments perfectly. There's obviously a lot of technical knowledge combined with an artistic eye. Well done!

  • amy said:

    homeschooling doesn't look anything like that at my house :) absolute perfection. Love every shot.

  • JayMorris said:

    Yeah, such a nice family :) It was a pleasure for me scrolling down the page. Great photos, beautiful mother, adorable kids and sunny father :) But c'mon it's easy to make great photos with this kind of family :D