The Monson family

One of my dear friends Angie, was in need of her yearly family photos.

(Angie, who I am sure you know as the amazing  Simplicity photography)

Well on a beautiful grey autumn day I headed down the street to their PERFECT home thats mid remodel.

(seriously where is my room angie)

For me autumn is cozy days with books, little loves and cookies.

I hope you feel a sense of home with these images,

and enjoy my perspective on what I believe family photos should embody.

Mostly, love and a safe place.



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  • Lindsay said:

    I love every single image. You are so talented!

  • Micah said:

    love LOVE LOVE! cutest family and your work is just freakin awesome.

  • Aubrey said:

    These photos are beautiful.

  • katy said:

    dude. these are ridiculous...gorgeous fam.... gorgeous shots...just lovely.

  • TJ said:

    I am in love with these images! Angie...your family is beautiful.

  • Gorgeous, everything about this....beautiful family, killer house, and such a fun and special take on family portraits! I want to be in their family LOL.

  • Alexie said:

    Just perfect!

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  • Loreta said:

    Amazing Brooke! I love all of the images. My fave are the ones of Angie and hubby. To capture an newly engaged couple this way is one thing BUT to capture that of a married couple/parents is truly something special. Incredible skills girlfriend.

  • Ok, so I was looking forward to seeing these pictures and seriously, I'm DYING. This is the kind of session I love so much that I can't even really look at it- the kind you love because you wish you would have taken them and you wish you were IN them, all at once! Honestly amazing work. xo

  • I was just going to take a quick peek at another post and here I am, 30 mins later paralyzed on the stairs looking and looking and dying and sighing over every photo. You see the world in such a magical way.

  • i'm so in awe of this session and every single image you've ever shot. just breathtaking! :)

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