our iceland lovePhotos by Samm Blake

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Few words can describe our experience in iceland. There were so many extremes of emotions. Iceland is honestly other worldly.

There is a sense of peace and freedom in that landscape. Something untouched and left as it was meant to be… which is nothing less than perfect.

As many of you know, My Tavis and I got married there this past septemeber. People are always asking me WHY iceland. I know its become a trend of sorts …. but it wasn’t chosen for that. Years ago there was a documentary called heima, which is icelandic for HOME. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I watched it, dreaming of walking those cliffs and frolicking on those moss covered lava rocks. I swore if I ever was to get married, it would be there. I wanted to find my home, and I did …. with him.

I wanted to start my real story there, most importantly with the man that stole my heart and became the leading role. We have a habit of getting lost in the rain. It is as if little drops of magic fall around us while we explore new things together. Our day after shoot was no different, cold, windy, and full of those little drops of magic. He keeps me warm. Always.

Before we were ever dating, he played this song for me. Apparently coded his feeling in icelantic lyrics.. I am so grateful he picked me. All the pieces make sense.

Iceland: us: meant to be

Images by the lovely Samm Blake. We are forever grateful

Hair and make up PLUS rain 😉 by my sweet friend Vivian 

  • Morga said:

    You are simply stunning and watching your love with Tavis from a distance makes my heart so happy for you. You deserve all the happiness. Congratulations on your breathtaking wedding. *morgan

  • Oh my word, these images by Samm are absolutely stunning! xx

  • maria said:

    What a pair of beautiful souls... totally gorgeous inside and out.