Now offering winter mentoring

Its the time of year to start thinking how you want your business to change for 2013.

Those things you want to re brand, re think and simply just time to get inspired.

I am offering Skype and one on one mentoring this winter so email me if you are interested in the details.

There is also a little rumor I will be in London this coming January so watch for the update.



warm wishes


  • Camilia said:

    Hi, I was interested in mentoring. I am more wanting to just see how you workflow photoshop. I just wanted to watch you work, and see your normal routine so I can see what I should learn to understand photoshop better with post processing my photos. Let me know :D I wanted to setup computer screen sharing so I could see what you were doing from my screen.

    Is anything like that available?

  • Hannah B said:

    Hello! I like the feel of your work so very much. My questions are- where are you located, and what kind of price point would I be looking at to converse with you? I think it is wonderful that you are willing to share your gift through mentoring. Thank you!