London 2013




This was such a amazing trip and I am so grateful I met so many new friends at the farm.

Fire filled nights with lots of laughter and days filled with learning.

I was honored to be asked to go teach back in january.

I think it went smashingly.

These are just a few bits of the fun we had.




  • Megan said:

    You're an A+ photographer for SURE. ;) These are absolutely beautiful images; perfect people and perfect composition & colors. LOVE these very much!

  • Waaaahhhhhh! Makes me miss you guys and all the Farmers so much. We really did have an epic week, gorgeous images. Thanks so much to you and Tavis xxx

  • It was so incredibly inspiring to meet you. I really enjoyed it. Lovely to see your shots here. xx Please come back.

  • LOVE your images fron your trip.
    Amazing to meet you at the farm. Hopefully see you again in the future.

  • Caroline said:

    Love your images Brooke, meeting you and your teaching session was awesome xx

  • Wow. I will come back to this post over and over for inspiration--just wow.

  • Anja said:

    Love these. All of them. And London too of course!
    Your processiong is so gorgeous.

  • My 2013 started wonderfully meeting you and Travis at the epic Photography Farm, Hope you intend to return.
    Great images and especially lovely seeing London through your photographic eye.