Lindsay and ChristianLancaster Pennsylvania

 Some of you may know I was born in the east cost and most of my childhood was spent there.  When I landed in Philadelphia I had a two hour drive to Lancaster. As soon as I got out of the city, I turned on my Spotify, rolled down the windows and breathed in as deep as my lungs would let me. { theme song of the trip }

Theres something about two lane highways weaving between overgrown forest and the patchwork of farm land that just kills me. Every abandoned farm house I came across was the star of my daydream. Porch swings, tea in the morning, books in the afternoon and wine with my love at twilight.  My garden was in full bloom and the kids laid under trees devouring some magical book.  When I met Lindsay and Christian we embraced their rain filled wedding weekend and found a little home to pretend was their own. In moments I wish it was my mine.

Can I go back yet? I miss the lush land.

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