Let them eat cake

I have to come clean here,

I don’t like your typical styled shoot and if I do one, I can promise you all a few things.

One, it will be straight from a melody. Two, it will be slightly outta the box. And three, it will be honest to what inspires me.

I wish brides wouldn’t fear color and when I laid eyes on this vintage gown in one of my go-to consignment shops, I knew what I had to do.

Once I had the idea, I had to find the right team to help bring it together. Thankfully it all fell into place.

Enjoy one of my VERY, very favorite melodies brought to life….

“Faking the books”

xoxo B

Video: NPFilms /// Floral: petal pixie /// Rentals: RSPV rentals /// Hair: Nichole Forsey /// Makeup: Allison Draper /// cake : Cake a licious

  • Abi said:

    Holy Moly Mother. You're my favoritest and this is damn stunning. The video is so Titanic too. Jealous of your Utah and your green dress and everything. Freaking brilliant.

  • Brooke,
    you never cease to amaze and inspire me, I found your photography a few years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. You are simply wonderful, I hope you know. I am just starting my business and still trying to find my voice- you give me hope that someday I will get there too.


  • Jostlyn said:

    Ooo... so so so pretty. Can one hire you to just document their entire life? How much would that cost? ;)

  • Melissa Brown said:

    This whole thing is absolutely incredible!

  • Nikkol said:

    Spectacular! I will be spending lots of time here looking at everything over and over again.

  • harmony said:

    You are incredible! Each image projects so much that it gives you such a beautiful feeling. It really is an inspiring experience every time I look at your work.

    Thank you for sharing. You rock

  • Randi said:

    So beautiful and inspiring! I love it! Those double exposures are to die for!

  • shannon said:

    are you kidding me brooke? seriously. amazing. i cant even put into words. Can we have a photo adventure already?

  • Lori said:

    Thank you for sharing this with us! It's incredibly inspiring, and thought provoking, just like the lyrics of a beautiful song. I love to see someone pushing the envelope, letting us see that stepping outside the norm is ok, and it's beautiful!

  • kristy said:

    Love the pictures, they thrill me. And the video gives me goose bumps! Perfect everything, just perfect! I love your style;)

  • Lacey Borba said:

    WOW you are so incredible....I love how every piece of art you create moves me..I am going to have to come to Utah...Thanks so much this made my day

  • Liane@Elle.Rose.Photography said:

    I have to agree with Lauren, she and I have a very similar story. i have followed you for years and never ceased to be impressed, rather floored by how great you work is. It is inspiring, I hope to one day achieve your level of greatness with my hobby/business. Thank you for giving me some new eye candy to devour.

  • Raquel said:

    You are my most fav ... Brilliant!!!!

  • Every one gets a huge high five! What a great team of artists. I'm just jealous that I couldn't be a part of it :) so so so wonderful.

  • Brooke said:


  • karina said:

    Insanely beautiful!!!

  • Marlo said:

    Picking my jaw up off of the floor. Gorgeous.

  • Brenda said:

    Brooke!!!!! OMG, beautiful! You amaze and inspire me!

  • simply stunning. real gritty, editorial, raw beauty. love how you see :)

  • erica said:

    I love you, Brooke. You are just GOOD. So beautiful!!

  • absolutely love this set of photos. you did an amazing job and i'm beyond inspired. great way to start a new year!

  • Brooke,
    This is the first time I had seen this since we watched it at the retreat And it is ever so inspiring. Just freaking brilliant!!
    Your immense talent honestly leaves me in awe. Having had the opportunity to watch you work and see how this creativity just comes to you Sort of in the moment..... Truly a gift.
    Thank you again for such an inspiring retreat.
    Xo, Andrea

  • Linda said:

    These are awesome photos. I love that green dress and the added touch with the flowers.