Kendall familySpokane Washington

It’s a dust bowl she said

But, I see ghost hands working the soil, loyal and unwilling to leave the land

The I love yous and I’m sorrys that have been whispered for over a 100 years, echoing in the rustling wheat, reminding you to forgive

I see a fear of drowning in silos and its hourglass of grain

Each tear and drop of sweat fertilizing the land

I see something rare and hauntingly beautiful

A history of home

  • Carla said:

    These photos are so incredible. They are beautifully honest and raw. Full of emotion and legacy. They feel familiar and warm yet completely striking. I love this family and I’ve never met them. Thank you so much for sharing, your work is beyond words.

  • kelly said:

    omg these are so beautiful i could cry!!!

  • Alexandra said:

    O my. With each passing picture I started to bawl my eyes out. It's so beautiful. I know they must go through their struggles being on a farm, but wow. That's the American dream. The way you captured this family is beautiful and touching. Brilliant in its ability to convey feelings. I am enamoured. I dont even know them but I keep wanting to look at these pictures of their family just because it touches my soul. You've done something beautiful.

  • Nathan M said:

    Such a beautiful family, thank you so much for sharing. it's very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!.

  • Chloe said:

    Your work is truly inspirational. I looked through these once and then went to get a glass of wine to look through them again. Im probably going to look a third time. thank you so much for making me feel.