IGNITE : a lost series WORKSHOPSGLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Oct-04, 2017


[ that love stuff ]


I believe in happily ever after, after the after and finding that someone who you can have a entire conversation without a single word being spoken.

I believe in quiet moments and that the wind has a voice.  It can be a whisper or a scream but you have to remember to listen.

My take on life, trickles into my work. I leave tiny bits of myself within each frame.

The only way to make a image that truly matters is to be vulnerable and honest.

Strip yourself down and take a good look….

October 2nd : 

Dinner gathering ; 6pm

No grown adult wants to wear a { HELLO, MY NAME IS } tag or go around and introduce themselves.

Lets gather together over food and wine and become friends.

October 4th :

I will be teaching a class on emotional imagery.

We will be going over it all. From the moment a client contacts me, the shoot, post and the delivery.

Key things I do to make sure I have an approach thats true to the couple and creating a space for them to flourish together in their love.

Posing or the art of unposing is also key. I will be teaching how I pose my couples to make them feel the most natural together.

Its not about your check list of poses. It about looking for their natural tendencies and magnifying them.

We will also have a live shoot, both indoors and out. Challenging ourselves with difficult lighting situations and creating raw images.

Feel free to email me with any additional questions. I am a extremely open person. There are no secrets here.

xx B

seats : 500 £

seats are non refundable but transferable