First post of the new year

Its the beginning of 2013. I suppose I should have something amazingly inspiring to say, but oddly I don’t.

Over all, I am just grateful. Mostly for my two little ones and the amazing growth that happened over the last year.

I believe music makes the world go round. So instead of reflecting I leave you with a melody.

We build bridges
Don’t we
Sometimes need a hand

Despite our best laid plans
Don’t we
Sometimes miss what we had

And we struggle
Don’t we
Sometimes lose the reasons

But in the peaceful morning
We can clearly see
Where we’ve been

Oh, and the tide pulls us out, alright
Oh, and the tide pulls us out, alright
Oh, when the tide brings us back
How sweet it is

///headpieces by Tinge///

Shes lovely and a girl I simply adore. If you are a bride and need a wonderful florist be sure to check her out.

  • Carina said:

    Beautiful images...the one by the window. Gah! Love. Happy 2013!

  • shelly said:

    Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous tonal quality and pretty as a picture. Fabulous head pieces too. x

  • Let me just comment on everything because I can't stop looking at these images. So in love with how you process your photos. Amazing.

    Love you.

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  • Becky said:

    Brooke, this is just beautiful. All the best in 2013.

  • Laura said:

    Your photographs just blew me away.

    Happy 2013!

  • Tiara said:

    Your pictures are AMAZING. I am obsessed with your page. And your kids are perfect!!! Thanks for inspiring me :)

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