Like most of you out there, we are all recovering from that nasty flu bug. Thankfully winter brings something warm with that icy air.

There is always a need for soup and blankets. Fresh cut firewood and lots of love

I was thrilled to be featured in Dreamer Journals Winter issue. Miss kitkat even made the cover.

Check it out and try to stay warm.


  • Cassie said:

    These are AMAZING!! I so hope I get the chance to work with you one day soon!

  • Beautiful Brooke - although I feel cold just looking at them! :O) Really looking forward to hearing you speak at the Photography Farm x

  • STUNNING, can't wait to meet you at your masterclass on Sunday at the photography farm!!!

  • Bethany said:

    Hey Brooke!

    I LOVE your work! I was wondering what a family session with you would cost?



  • kenzie said:

    these are so so dreamy, everything you do is magic!

  • LOVE this little series, I have a little guy myself and I cannot get him to look at the camera, nonetheless go along with me for a series of images to tell a story. Beautiful story!

  • Judith said:

    LOVE!!! These are FABULOUS!!! Those tats just gave me mommy giggles! Your children are SO BEAUTIFUL just like their Momma!