Cindel and sam with their two little loves

This little family of three is soon to become four. Cindel is also a awesome photographer, check her out at Thrill photo 

Hope you two are smitten.


  • Lyndzee said:

    Brooke!! Cindel is my sister. Her family like my own. I got teary eyed seeing some of these. I am so happy for this new family and you captured their love beautifully. Thanks love!!

  • Christina Barnum said:

    i am so in love with your amazing gift to capture beauty. your photos are to die for!!

  • Cindel said:

    Again.... so emotional as I scan through these for the 5903849327589th time today. These images represent a new life for us, I will most certainly cherish them forever! You have given me a gift I can never repay! Thank you SO much my dear! Love you.

  • carly said:

    these hurt my heart they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. like a good heart ache. like I wish I had taken them or was in them. ha! amazing. they will cherish these for eternity xo

  • Kristyn said:

    this HAS to be the cutest family I've seen in a long time. i'm in love with these!! (p.s. -- i think you mean fam of four soon to be five...? ;) .)

  • alright, these are too good. these are so pretty, it makes me want to throw up.