Cara and Darik

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Could these two be any more  picture perfect? I think not.

Happy sunday



  • Vicki said:

    Oh my gosh, such an amazing session! Incredibly inspirational photos as always Brooke, and these two are going to make such beautiful babies!!!!!! x

  • jami said:

    YOU are ridiculous! These are insanely gorgeous images. What a treasure.

  • Joan Collins said:

    Hello, I am delighted by your photographs. I recently got engaged during the holidays in Miami however, I live in Utah. I didn't find another way to contact you. I am interested for you to shoot some photographs for our engagements. If you can contact me that would be great!

  • Kylee Denney said:

    Hey I was just wondering if you are available for June 21st and if you are what your prices for wedding packages are? Thank you!

  • Linda said:

    Wow! These engagement photos are amazingly beautiful. A.MA.ZING!!!

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  • What an incredible mix of classy, sexy, sophisticated, and fun loving!