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Workshop updates, babbles and bits


Hey friends,

So I have received a lot of messages about upcoming workshops and mentoring. I apologize I haven’t had time to reply to each and everyone but wanted to let you know YES!!! I plan to host another workshop early 2014 and will have dates and timelines ready for you all before christmas. (just think… santa can get you a seat for christmas) My minds whirling with options and Id love to hear YOUR thoughts on what you hope to gain from the mentoring. I have loved the format I have done in the past but, the idea of renting a cabin and being tucked away in the hills is calling to me. Natural light, emotion based images, post production and a escape from the day to day all in one workshop. I like!

 hello retreat?




Chrissy - 2013/12/02 - 10:09 pm

Oh my word I want to go. Will you be giving away a seat like last time? {it was last time you did that, wasn’t it?}

Can’t wait to hear the details. Sounds so amazing!

Xan Craven - 2013/12/02 - 10:22 pm

I am friends with Jillian, she introduced me to your photography and I am a huge, huge fan! I am flying out to Utah January 15-27th and I would love the opportunity to have a mentor session or attend a workshop!!

Jen Johnson - 2013/12/02 - 10:23 pm

How do I reserve a spot??? This sounds amazing

amanda - 2013/12/02 - 11:27 pm

i would be interested! i would LOVE the chance to shadow/see your process of how you interact with clients. i have lots of little questions i always wonder but they are things that would be answered by shadowing someone of your amazingness for a day:) oh, and a cabin sounds amazing!

Brittany LeSueur - 2013/12/02 - 11:37 pm

Oh my heart is pounding with excitement, and you better believe I am saving my pennies! ( unfortunately Santa Just bought me something pretty fancy) a retreat would be so fun!!! Yes!!! Would looove to see ways you draw so much raw emotion from your clients, how you find inspiration, and how you get such amazing and dratic color and light in your photos!! Ok I could go on! Crossing my fingers it’s a date I can attend!!!! I think I might be more excited about this than Christmas! ;)

Kelly Edwards - 2013/12/03 - 1:48 am

I wish I could participate! I live in NC and can’t come. have you ever thought about teaching an online class?

Elyse - 2013/12/03 - 4:14 am

Yes!! Please do this soon!!!! I’m excited!!

Aminda - 2013/12/03 - 2:58 pm

A tucked away cabin sounds AMAZING. I’d love details when you have them!! <3

Brooke Schultz - 2013/12/03 - 4:06 pm

A million times yes to a cabin retreat.
I’m still kicking myself for not going last time.
can’t waiiiiittt.

Cari Faye - 2013/12/03 - 7:33 pm

Yes please!

Jillian goulding - 2013/12/04 - 12:31 am

Please please please have it during spring break!!!!!!!!!! Or a 3 day weekend type thing! I’m there for sure!!!

Aaron Greenwood - 2013/12/09 - 4:22 am

Out of all the people who hold retreats; yours would be one I would be absolutely smitten to attend. I am looking forward to what you have planned and seeing how I can work that out. Keep up the amazing work. It just keeps getting more amazing by the post!

LUNA - 2013/12/10 - 11:49 am

I’m Luna, a cat and I live in Belgium! My mammy and I are HUGE fans of your ARTWORK. This will be a wonderful event and we wish you lots of success!
purrs, lights and love

Emily Thomas - 2013/12/11 - 2:09 am

I would be interested!

Emily Thomas - 2013/12/11 - 2:13 am

And I would love to gain technical knowledge over-all. I just love how perfectly exposed all of your photos are! A stylized shoot at both an indoor and outdoor location would be awesome.

Brennan - 2013/12/11 - 6:32 pm

Oh goodness I want to go SO SO SO bad!!!!!! :) When will the dates be up?

Emily Peterson - 2013/12/11 - 8:42 pm

YESSS!!!! count me in.

gina - 2013/12/14 - 8:58 pm

Would LOVE to attend one of your workshops!!!!

Molly - 2013/12/23 - 7:23 pm

Any new updates on this?! Did I miss it? Would LOVE to attend!

Trey and Mary Alice – winter light

blush photography-mary-trey-42blush photography-mary-trey-32blush photography-mary-trey-38blush photography-mary-trey-39blush photography-mary-trey-40blush photography-mary-trey-31blush photography-mary-trey-35blush photography-mary-trey-37blush photography-mary-trey-28blush photography-mary-trey-30blush photography-mary-trey-44blush photography-mary-trey-51blush photography-mary-trey-47blush photography-mary-trey-49blush photography-mary-trey-50blush photography-mary-trey-46blush photography-mary-trey-48blush photography-mary-trey-56blush photography-mary-trey-52blush photography-mary-trey-54blush photography-mary-trey-58blush photography-mary-trey-60blush photography-mary-trey-59blush photography-mary-trey-61blush photography-mary-trey-62blush photography-mary-trey-66blush photography-mary-trey-63blush photography-mary-trey-65blush photography-mary-trey-67blush photography-mary-trey-68blush photography-mary-trey-69blush photography-mary-trey-71blush photography-mary-trey-72blush photography-mary-trey-70blush photography-mary-trey-73blush photography-mary-trey-41blush photography-mary-trey-27blush photography-mary-trey-20blush photography-mary-trey-24blush photography-mary-trey-19blush photography-mary-trey-18blush photography-mary-trey-21blush photography-mary-trey-22blush photography-mary-trey-14blush photography-mary-trey-11blush photography-mary-trey-4blush photography-mary-trey-9blush photography-mary-trey-7blush photography-mary-trey-2blush photography-mary-trey-3

We drove till we found winter light.



Lisa - 2013/11/26 - 5:44 pm

Omg you are amazing. These are stunning!

Trey - 2013/11/26 - 6:07 pm

You are unbelievable. You are an artist and we are lucky to have you as a friend, and as our favorite photographer :)

mary - 2013/11/26 - 6:08 pm

brooke these are amazing! i love you!

Daphne - 2013/11/26 - 6:32 pm

Wow…I absolutely loved these! Fantastic work! Would LOVE for you to photograph myself and my boyfriend.

AMAZING! one day for sure!

Carina - 2013/11/26 - 8:08 pm

These are so great — I LOVE the wintery/moody/snowy light to these. Amazing set.

amanda - 2013/11/26 - 9:00 pm


Rachel - 2013/11/26 - 11:25 pm

Absolutely stunning. Favorite couple and favorite photographer. Makes me want some pretties like these. You’re amazing girlfriend. Xoxo

Kaley - 2013/11/27 - 1:58 pm

Oh my! Gorgeous couple and that location…just my style. Dream winter shoot! I loved these.

Andrea - 2013/11/28 - 8:54 pm

Beyond Gorgeous!!! Stunning.



we took a walk to the moon

blush photography-siri-1blush photography-siri-4blush photography-siri-5blush photography-siri-2DSC_4784blush photography-siri-8blush photography-siri-11blush photography-siri-12blush photography-siri-14blush photography-siri-13blush photography-siri-26blush photography-siri-27blush photography-siri-20blush photography-siri-24blush photography-siri-23blush photography-siri-22blush photography-siri-21blush photography-siri-28blush photography-siri-33blush photography-siri-34blush photography-siri-30blush photography-siri-36blush photography-siri-41blush photography-siri-40blush photography-siri-43blush photography-siri-45blush photography-siri-42blush photography-siri-37blush photography-siri-38blush photography-siri-44blush photography-siri-25blush photography-siri-50blush photography-siri-49blush photography-siri-48blush photography-siri-47blush photography-siri-54blush photography-siri-53

Make up| Allison Draper

Meredith - 2013/11/22 - 9:11 pm


Mara - 2013/11/22 - 9:16 pm

your work is stunning & truly breath taking!

Shaylee Nalder - 2013/11/22 - 9:32 pm

I’m quite obsessed.
I love me some galaxies.

Lauren - 2013/11/22 - 9:34 pm

jaw freaking dropped.

Lisa Devlin - 2013/11/22 - 9:35 pm

Ooooooh, wow! Love everything about these x

Lydia - 2013/11/23 - 3:48 am

This is amazing Brooke. As always. I can’t even begin to find a favorite.

Courtney Dellafiora - 2013/11/23 - 5:50 pm


Morgan - 2013/11/24 - 12:35 am

Love this shoot. So talented.

Zuzanna Audette - 2013/11/28 - 2:56 pm

These are fantastic!!!!

Sami Jo and Ryan

blush photography-samijo-25blush photography-samijo-35blush photography-samijo-36blush photography-samijo-34blush photography-samijo-19blush photography-samijo-29blush photography-samijo-20blush photography-samijo-22blush photography-samijo-27blush photography-samijo-28blush photography-samijo-33blush photography-samijo-18blush photography-samijo-10blush photography-samijo-1blush photography-samijo-30blush photography-samijo-16blush photography-samijo-17blush photography-samijo-12blush photography-samijo-11blush photography-samijo-52blush photography-samijo-39blush photography-samijo-40blush photography-samijo-43samijoblush photography-samijo-49blush photography-samijo-51blush photography-samijo-54blush photography-samijo-41blush photography-samijo-55blush photography-samijo-56blush photography-samijo-57blush photography-samijo-44blush photography-samijo-64blush photography-samijo-67blush photography-samijo-59blush photography-samijo-60blush photography-samijo-68blush photography-samijo-74blush photography-samijo-76blush photography-samijo-71blush photography-samijo-86blush photography-samijo-83blush photography-samijo-88blush photography-samijo-89blush photography-samijo-85blush photography-samijo-87blush photography-samijo-81

We danced and frolicked.

We laughed….

and laughed …

and laughed …

in mornings first  light.

Hope you love miss sami jo



Mandi Nelson - 2013/11/15 - 6:18 pm

AHHHHHH they are perfect.

Katie P - 2013/11/15 - 9:42 pm

Oh my gosh what a beautiful couple! And can I just say your work is AMAZING…can I just steal you and you can teach me everything you know!!! Thanks for sharing your art to the world, it’s perfection.

brittni willie - 2013/11/15 - 10:23 pm

love that sami! these are amazing brooke!

Brooke Schultz - 2013/11/16 - 1:09 am

These are absolutely amazing. Sami is gorgeous!

mara - 2013/11/22 - 9:18 pm

such a beautiful and oh so lucky couple. these images are perfection!

The Goulding family : sutro baths

blush photography-Jillian-104blush photography-Jillian-161blush photography-Jillian-109blush photography-Jillian-114blush photography-Jillian-115blush photography-Jillian-108blush photography-Jillian-116blush photography-Jillian-117blush photography-Jillian-130blush photography-Jillian-113blush photography-Jillian-131blush photography-Jillian-132blush photography-Jillian-133blush photography-Jillian-135blush photography-Jillian-139blush photography-Jillian-146blush photography-Jillian-143blush photography-Jillian-151blush photography-Jillian-152blush photography-Jillian-120blush photography-Jillian-155blush photography-Jillian-157blush photography-Jillian-167blush photography-Jillian-166blush photography-Jillian-165blush photography-Jillian-162blush photography-Jillian-171blush photography-Jillian-172blush photography-Jillian-178blush photography-Jillian-169blush photography-Jillian-176blush photography-Jillian-177blush photography-Jillian-180blush photography-Jillian-187blush photography-Jillian-188blush photography-Jillian-190blush photography-Jillian-183blush photography-Jillian-191blush photography-Jillian-193blush photography-Jillian-195blush photography-Jillian-102blush photography-Jillian-103blush photography-Jillian-194blush photography-Jillian-196blush photography-Jillian-200blush photography-Jillian-203blush photography-Jillian-202blush photography-Jillian-201blush photography-Jillian-101blush photography-Jillian-207blush photography-Jillian-100blush photography-Jillian-205blush photography-Jillian-206blush photography-Jillian-229blush photography-Jillian-209blush photography-Jillian-210blush photography-Jillian-211blush photography-Jillian-213blush photography-Jillian-212blush photography-Jillian-216blush photography-Jillian-214blush photography-Jillian-217blush photography-Jillian-219blush photography-Jillian-223blush photography-Jillian-220blush photography-Jillian-225blush photography-Jillian-221blush photography-Jillian-222blush photography-Jillian-224blush photography-Jillian-226blush photography-Jillian-230blush photography-Jillian-227blush photography-Jillian-228

Loved every minute I spent with this family exploring the baths.

Such a amazing bunch of people and such a beautiful location.



Jillian Goulding - 2013/11/14 - 9:47 pm

AHHHH!! I am speechless & totally tearing up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single photo of my little family! You are seriously AMAZING!!! You captured Claire & Oliver’s personalities perfectly, and I will treasure these photos forever!! I could not be happier:) THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You are truly an artist!

Dani - 2013/11/18 - 1:19 pm

This is my favourite family session ever! Seriously, if this was my family there wouldn’t be enough room on the walls for all the massive canvases I would have of these images!

Jillian goulding - 2013/11/19 - 2:44 am

Thanks Dani:) we have plans to make tons of big canvases & prints!! We just moved recently & I can’t wait to cover our walls with these beautiful photos!

elizabeth pellette - 2014/02/05 - 7:25 pm

my goodness.. these are just gorgeous.. and not only a beautiful family.. but a wonderful location..

Tori - 2014/12/08 - 5:13 pm

Where is this beautiful dress from?